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Maintenance and Repairs of audio, video, and lighting systems (service)

Maintenance and Repairs of audio, video, and lighting systems (service)

Do you have old forgotten audio systems or machines left to you by a familiar person such as CD Players, amplifiers, turntables, speakers, radios άλλες or other electrical appliances that are damaged or have a malfunction due to use or age?.

Do not bother with unskilled technicians and throw away your device.

The technical department of our company (service) and our experienced technical staff with full responsibility, will repair your favorite audio systems of previous decades and in a reasonable time after their replacement and repair, you will enjoy them again.

In case the machine to be repaired is older than 7 years, a repair effort will be made to find spare parts abroad in order to fully or partially restore it (by arrangement) and the good operation of your subsystem, saving time and money.

Do not hesitate to ask or contact us or bring us your audio system or video equipment. With every audio/video repair, a 6-month guarantee of good operation is given.

If for some reason your repair is not carried out, we return the product free of charge.

You can also leave it for recycling.

Upon consultation, the repaired products will be picked up or delivered at your place with the corresponding transport cost

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