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Heybrook HBC1 SR Central speaker

1 to 3 days
Price in points: 150 points

HBC1 - reliable theater class speaker. It is quality and works equally successfully with wall-mounted speakers and floor-standing speakers.

The "Bimillenary" series by Heybrook British contains five classic speakers, 1 active subwoofer and 1 central HBC1.

Traditional design - decorative beveled, with straight lines, and on the front frame - with wonderful finishes under the skin ". Dome tweeter - in the center and double reflective bass on the front.

The main speaker can be connected to any TV.

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Heybrook HBC1 center speaker

"Bimillenary" Heybrook British series contains five classic speakers, active subwoofer and center HBC1. 

  • Traditional design - decorative chamfer, straight lines, but the front panel - finished "under the skin". 
  • Dome tweeter - in ruporochke. 
  • Double bass-reflex port displayed on the facade. 
  • Signal for bass/midrange unit is processed first order filter. 
  • Column fits comfortably on any TV. 
  • The system has the highest (all subgroups) sensitivity (95.9 dB), the exemplary frequency response stability at medium frequencies and objectively the deepest bass (43.8 Hz, -10 dB); small peaks frequency response at high frequencies may cause slight staining. HBC1 able to solve almost all problems of theater. In normal (by volume) operating modes panorama retains integrity even when combined with the center truly bassist floor speakers. 
  • Due to the high extent of tonal and dynamic center for permission to create realistic soundscapes differ as to the film material, and when playing music DVD. That, in turn, contributes to comfortable conditions of perception. A sweep of the dynamic range of highlights HBC1 background on systems not only younger subgroups. 

HBC1 - reliable center for theater higher category. Is very valuable, it is equally successfully cooperates with bookshelf and floor standing speaker. Do not compromise on class and power electronics - at low frequencies magnitude of impedance is reduced to 2 ohms.


  • Central speaker type
  • Sensitivity 90dB / Watt
  • Resistance 6 Ohms
  • Drive unit - Bass 100mm Kevlar
  • Drive unit - Treble 25mm Fabric
  • Dimensions HxWxD 173x460x215
  • Power 75 Watt
  • Frequency range 50Hz - 22KHz
  • Weight 5.8Kg

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