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Shipping Methods & Costs

Shipping Methods & Costs


  • The products are sent with the transport company (ELTA Couriers) or any other transport that serves the area (place of delivery) depending on their volume or weight and always at the customer's choice. Shipping costs are borne by the customer.
  • The shipping cost for delivery of devices is valid until its delivery at the external entrance of the apartment building or at the entrance of your plot.
  • For the transfer of goods within the residence / work, an on-site remuneration agreement is made with the respective carrier, and it is not our responsibility. *
  • The customer must check the received product / s upon receipt so that it is in excellent condition and the packaging is closed. In case of obvious damage, the customer may not receive.
  • All products are shipped by our company in excellent condition as we have received them from the dealer / manufacturer. We are not responsible for any damage during transport / delivery.
  • Shipping costs are calculated according to the current price list of transport companies and couriers depending on any difficulties of access to the place of delivery and based on weight and volume.
  • The customer is obliged to inform the company for any difficulty in delivery so that the exact cost can be calculated. For transport with transport companies and cost / delivery time you must contact us, and we will inform you.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to choose how to transport the customer (your own medium).
  • The courts of Athens are competent for any disputes that may arise. In case and after consultation in some products you have the following charges in the transport for each order through the couriers ELTA COURIER:


Next day


to 2 kg

from 2 kg and up

in addition to each kg

Inside the city of Athens


4,20 €


1,30 €

1-3 days


Έως 2 kg

from 2 kg and up

in addition to each kg



4,60 €


1,50 €




prices incl. VAT

Delivery at a predetermined time, to selected destinations

5,00 €

Service in special treatment (receipt & return of consignment note)

2,10 €

Pick up Saturday (selected ELTA COURIER network points)

4,50 €

Performance Sunday or Holiday (selected points of ELTA COURIER network)

39,00 €

Send SMS (charge per SMS)

0.20 €

Send parcels on the same day with a requirement to use a ELTA car transfer

28,00 €

  • For bulky products that do not fit in an elevator and need a crane, the cost is borne by the customer, after the joint communication. 
  • You can accurately calculate the shipping in the first step of the basket, stating the PO Box of the shipment. You can pick up the items from our store at no extra charge. 
  • For remote areas of Attica region, the transportation cost is set after consultation with the store. 
  • Shipping depends on the weight and volume of the device along with its packaging. 
  • For large appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, kitchens etc.) regardless of the amount, the shipment is made through an agency of your choice or with an agency that cooperates with our company. 
  • We transfer your order to the transport company in Athens for free. 
  • If you want to ship with your own shipping, please note it in the order comments.



Handling / Receipt of Goods

We would like to point out the following regarding the movement of goods.


  • The collection takes place on the sidewalk and you are responsible for controlling the products you receive.
  • You will have to unpack and check the integrity and appearance of your products in the presence of the transport company employee.
  • If you notice bumps or broken parts of the product, you should NOT pick up and return the product. Then you should let us know.
  • After receiving it from you and your signature on the corresponding delivery document, from the transport company, we do NOT bear any responsibility for any damages or damages that may occur.
  • The transfer of the tested product (from packaged) from the sidewalk to a floor or other place, for any damages, is the sole responsibility of the customer.
  • For the time of sending / receiving your selected products, starting from the date of display in our system of the payment of your order, please contact us for the time of delivery. 
  • In inaccessible areas, delivery may be extended, as is understandable.

Finally, let us inform you that returns of products bearing a factory tape - security sticker and have been opened will NOT be accepted