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Boutique Hotel Milos & "estiatorio Milos",

Boutique Hotel Milos & "estiatorio Milos",  - Stereopark
Specialized Sound Constructions & Video - Lighting Installations
In the center of Athens, next to the Old Parliament, which opened in October 2021 is located the Hotel Milos Hotel has 43 luxuriously designed rooms and suites.

The newest boutique hotel in Athens also houses the "estiatorio Milos", an elegant and refined restaurant that brings together a select group of Milos restaurants already established in New York, Las Vegas, Miami, and London, offering the world of executive chef and founder Costas Spiliadis.

The Milos Group contacted trusted local AV and Hospitality Technology specialists "Stereopark S.A." who turned to their colleagues IMA Audio Lighting, NEXO distributor in Greece, to design a system that could meet a demanding set of requirements.

This had to be a high-quality system with even coverage of the restaurant, bar, and terrace areas, with plenty of power to move from background music to DJ sound system.

In total, the system comprises 26 ID14 cabinets with 12 IDS108 subs in the restaurant and bar areas, with a further 4 ID14s extending the system to the outdoor terrace. Power and processing come from an equally compact and discreet rack containing NEXO DTD controllers and 4-channel DTDAMPs.

“From the hotel and restaurant management to the architect, everyone was very happy with the system” concludes Michalis. “The ID14 is almost invisible in the space, but it makes a big impact sonically.”
Commenting on behalf of estiatorio Milos, owner and manager John Fragos say “We have never heard a system with such a small footprint, but such a huge and well-controlled sound. It was also an ideal solution for our architects as the speakers don’t impinge into the space and the subs are built into the walls.

“Ilias Therioudakis at S.A.- Stereopark worked with Michalis Asitzoglou of IMA AUDIO LIGHTING to predict and present impressive results using the NEXO NS-1 software, and the installed system certainly meets our high expectations: Pleasant and warm, but discreet in all areas.

“I want to thank Ilias and Michalis for the unbelievable performance of the system and for their valuable cooperation in helping us complete the facilities here at estiatorio Milos.”

Photo Credit : © Konstantin Pitsios


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